The Beauty of the Rolex


Rolex was founded 117 years ago, back in 1905. Since then, the brand has grown enormously, with Rolex now being one of the most iconic and recognisable names across the globe. However, the company was originally called Wilsdorf and Davis, named after the two founding members, Hands Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis.   

Hands Wilsdorf was adamant that great marketing was the only thing you need to create a successful company, and he had his own ideas, one of which was back in 1927 when the Rolex Oyster was released, a waterproof Rolex watch. He hand-picked different watch dealers in various towns to provide exclusivity to them as a Rolex watch dealer, but the genius idea transformed into him then providing each seller with a unique aquarium-style window display, which included a variety of plants and goldfish, with the Rolex Oyster as the star of the show.  

There are many different and unique high-quality models of the Rolex Watch. Another is the incredible Rolex Submariner. Released in 1954, as their first ever specialised diving watch. Rolex proved that they not only had and still do have watches with wonderful beauty and character, but they have fantastic perks too.  

Rolex has an incredible history, and if you dive into the deeper details of the brand, you can understand how they have become such a powerful and remarkable name. However, it is not all about the past with Rolex. To this day, they are still creating superb pieces of beauty within their watches. Every single watch is carefully assembled by hand and handled with the utmost precision, guaranteeing that each watch produced is flawless in every way possible.  

There are many reasons why Rolex watches are some of the most premium in the world. Firstly, for the reasons mentioned above, they are carefully pieced together, so you know that each watch is in very safe hands. Rolex uses only the very best quality materials when creating these watches, making them not only look extremely classy and sophisticated, but it means that they are also exceptionally long-lasting timepieces. Looking at it from another angle, some people purchase one of these watches as an investment, and because of their tantalizing appeal, they also hold their value incredibly well.   

If you’re looking or debating whether to purchase a Rolex watch or perhaps it's always been a dream of yours to own one due to the high level of calibre and desire that it possesses, then indulge in the search of several models.   

We stock plenty of stunning Rolex watches here at Coopers Jewellery and we are here to help answer any questions or queries that you may have about them. Deciding to get your hands on something so unique and exquisite requires thought, advice from an experienced team and a passion for the item itself.   

Rolex is a brand filled with innovation and excellence. They do not come more reliable and in a higher quality than the exceedingly brilliant Rolex watch, whichever model you decide on.